It feels like summer finally !

After all this winter’s rain  , cold May grey…it is June gloom ! Thankfully it does clear up and feels like summer is coming . Time to start this BBQ and grill something  ! Do it French style !

Cheese etiquette : First thing first ; You do not serve cheese as an appetizer but after the entree. Discover all the secrets as well as recipes in this new great book .

Strawberries are at the pic of deliciousness right now …make it a party with this chocolate fondue kit ! So much fun to do with kids !IMG_3155 (Large)Enough with food now ….but you will need a good knife : A Classic reinvented ; the new hip “Black Edition” Opinel in Oak with a treated blade and lock to make it even more resistant . Made in France since 1890 IMG_2218 (Large)Thinking about DAD ? We got you covered !IMG_2213 (Large)IMG_2266 (Large)IMG_2264 (Large)Having a BBQ party ? Our melamine dishes not only look real but feel like ceramic without being so heavy . Perfect for outdoor , pool , boat but will do just as well inside if you want to spare your nice china ! Choose from the many designs available .IMG_3773 (Large)New towels from our Friend Valentine Viannay are just perfect to pair with real deal Escargots ready to put under the broiler with lots of butter , garlic and parsley ! Our kind of fast food ! IMG_2324 (Large).JPGWe also have corn and fish …

Inouii has been the best find we did on our last trip to France …their scarves have incredible graphics , texture , quality and creativity ! They also make fun pouches …IMG_2308 (Large)Cotton / linen mix for a great summer wrap !

Just in : 2020 planner by Rifle paper the best in stationary . 17 months …starting August 2019. Time to plan that event , party , trip …and get organized !

Perfect little gifts for this summer …Flowers or fruits scented , all natural hand creams, lip balms , and soaps to match in pretty feminine packaging .IMG_2302 (Large)IMG_2300 (Large)Anybody summer dream … in Provence !

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