Gift ideas for Mom !

This year is a bit different …but Mothers will still be celebrated so let us put together the perfect gift : You know your mom and we know our products so we can make the match ! Tell us about her and we can do the rest . These are some ideas witch you can always tailor to her taste  .

Mom are special and her gift should made her feel special too ! IMG_1942 (Large)Rose bud hanger sachet ( linen and silk ) $22, Heart shaped rose soap $12.50 , Fragonard Eau de parfum $59 , Purse size hand cream $8.50 , Natural lip balm $9.50 Oblation letterpress card $7.75  This gift $119.00 IMG_1808 (Large)Linen and silk rose bud drawer liner  $38 IMG_1954 (Large)Our best selling soaps in Cotton flower and peony/magnolia $10.50 , Bougies La Francaise taper candles in soft pink ( do not drip or  smoke , cotton wick $16 ) , Pretty ceramic candle Thai Lily scent $28.75 , Ceramic Cicada from l’Atelier Louis Sicard , this is the modern twist of its original version created by this family in 1895 ; A good luck charm you can hang to decorate or use as a paper weight $35  Card $5.50 This Gift $106IMG_1948 (Large)Same style gift for the blue lovers : Flower candle in Sea Salt , Soap dish $13 , set of 2 Mistral soaps ( cherry blossom and matcha green tea ) , with seafoam blue Cicada and card $ 97IMG_1946 (Large)Lavender ( all natural essential oils ) : linen heart  lavender sachet $22.50 , Shower gel $24 , Hand cream $25 , Bath Salts $18 , Maison Louis Marie Candle $35 , Card $5.50  This Gift $130 IMG_1956 (Large)Natural and Earthy gift set with entirely natural fragrances made with pure essential oils in Vetiver/sage with notes of Bergamote : Room Spray $15 , Soy wax candle $27.50 , Our all time favorite natural liquid hand soap from Marseille in Olive wood scent $22 , Small embroidered pouch $15 , Set of 4 heavy linen napkins  $49  This Gift $128.50IMG_1806 (Large)Lavender Sachets : Linen and silk Pillow insert $33, Drawer liner $38, hanger sachet $22, set of 3 linen sachets $33 , set of 3 silk sachets $23.75 , Sachets by the yard roll $29.75 IMG_1662

Mix and Match to your liking Soap dish $13 , Hard milled soaps , natural scent from Panier des sens $10.50 , Mistral  $11.50IMG_1813 (Large)Sets of 2 soaps $15 , glass soap dishes $13 , bird dishes $17.50 , purse size hand creams $8.50 , Tin Box set of 3 $27.50  IMG_1809 (Large)Embroidered lavender sachets $18.75, Heart sachet $22.50IMG_1797 (Large)Make your own Lavender gift ! Mistral lavender is more perfumy , Sonoma Lavender is straight forward lavender oil infused , same for Pre de Provence bath salts  $ 17 , Mistral Bath Salts $17 Shower gel $23 , Bubble bath $23 , Sonoma line  water $16.50 , Soy wax candle $12.50  IMG_1757“French Gourmet bag ” : Filt bag ( 100% cotton made in France since 1860 ) $18.75 , Lavender honey from Provence $17.55 ,Honey bee towel $22 , Paris Tea $11 ,Filet Bleu cookies in Chocolate/mandarine $5.95 , Macarons paper napkins $6.50 , Liquid soap from Marseille $22 Orange blossom , Purse size hand cream $8.50 Orange blossom                This bag $112.50IMG_1684The New Ines de la Fressange style and guide book on everything Parisian $29.95 , Fragonard perfumed embossed soaps come with a matching soap dish and beautiful box $29.50 , La Chatelaine Hand cream verbena $8.50  This Gift $68 IMG_1856 (2)Fragonard perfumed soaps come with matching soap dish and beautiful box $29.50  ; 6 fragrances available from light floral to citrusy or woodsy .

Match the soap with the eau de Parfum $59

IMG_1848 (Large)Bleu Blanc Rouge : “I am missing Paris “ bag filled with dark chocolate Crepes Gavottes $5.95 , Alibabette Journal $11 , New Fragonard scent of the year soap Magnolia $11.50 , Provence Hand Cream $8.50  This Filt Bag is $55.70 IMG_1860 (2)Also in Fragonard scent of the year Magnolia diffuser $59 (  Peony and Orange blossom ) Large 6.7floz will last you a long time !IMG_1770Boxed set of 3 purse size hand creams from la Chatelaine $27.50 , Natural lip balm $9.50 , Alibabette Journal to draw, write and keep all these ideas together $8.50  Total $45.50 IMG_1772La chatelaine boxed set of 3 hand creams $27.50 and an other favorite to take everywhere and specially when traveling Ode Olive oil Body Balm $22

83852F93-ED34-4345-B1EC-C039AF5A3382IMG_1799 (Large)Gardener’s care gift :  Ode Olive oil Balm is great on dry feet, elbows , cuticle and hands who have been doing some gardening  $22 , pair with a hand brush from Andre Jardin , Ash wood ~ all natural fibers ~ Made in France  $16.25 , Sonoma Hand cream is rich but not oily , perfect day time treatment $ 22.50

IMG_1818 (Large)For those who have everything  , gourmet food and consumable are always best : Fill up a basket with our Herbes de Provence $16 , Any jam $12 ( apricot and lavender , sweet orange and orange blossom , also available wild blueberry, wild blackberry, blackcurrant , white fig, black fig , pear and dried apricot with honey ,seedless raspberry ) , lavender honey $17.55 or Orange blossom Honey $ 15.75  , Fleur de sel from Camargue our favorite finishing salt $ 14.95 , Liquid hand soap from Marseille glass pump 16.9floz $27 , Hand or dish towel $26 IMG_1598Garnier Thiebaut towels $26 , Mistral sets of 2 soaps $15

IMG_1803 (Large)We gift bag , we can gift box to ship and we can ship for you too ! Gifting made easy and unique !

Corporate gifts

Preparing some corporate gifts already !  We can personalized your Holidays client’s gifts , match your budget and gift wrap ! Nobody dreams of  a traditional gift “basket” from a chain store … Our gifts are unique , can be more personal , feminine  like a monogrammed  lavender sachet hand embroidered on antique linen and a wool scarf   or more generic for an office   but are always high quality and gourmet (we proudly sell some of the most prestigious French brand )

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