We have the cutest toys selection !

It is Summer and some people are going camping !!

IMG_2823 (Large)Those 2 are all set with tent , sleeping bags , an extra warm blanket for the cold nights in the mountain and a flash light ! $119 with the 2 mice

IMG_2819 (Large)Rubber boat set $27 . Maileg toys are incredibly well made and so much attention is put to detail . Great quality for toys parents and grand parents want to play with too … Someone is going to have a lot of fun !!!

IMG_2826 (Large)

Moulin Roty has been our wheelhouse ever since we discovered the brand and were planning to open our shop …they have managed over the years to stay current and old fashioned at the same time ! The attention to details , the choice of materials and the creativity is most amazing !

Les Parisiennes puzzles: 65 pieces $28.75 ( 5 years old) , 140 Pieces $25 ( 6 years old ) Small Parisienne doll $32.50image4

Apres la pluie bunnies and sheep $28.75 IMG_1547 (Large)

Wooden toys , pull toys … a real old French tradition . They’re bright  and fun !

Carrot car $18.75 , Pull toys ( 12- 36 months ) Ducks $21.25 , Tractor hen $37.50 , Rabbits $20 , Zigolo porcupine $22.50image3

Janod caterpillar $22.50 Perfect pull toy for an active child !

IMG_2627 (Large)

Janod Pull along snail $37.50 . Make music when you take it apart ! This one is not for the super active kid who will want to run with it ….it is a snail 😉

IMG_2625 (Large)

Janod train $35 ( 12 -36 months) , Maze $12.50 ( 12 -36 months ) Shape sorter $31.25 ( 18-36 months )


Janod slide puzzle $18.75

IMG_2628 (Large)

Janod Dog wooden race cars $31.25

Paris Puzzle in a suitcase ! $18.95

IMG_2624 (Large)

Farm play set $12.50 IMG_2629 (Large)

When I was a child , back to school also meant after school “gouter” …the best meal of the day …way better than the evening soup ! I loved starting baking at that time , making the most easy “gateau au yaourt ” witch you find in this fun book to enjoy with your kids or grand kids. $24.95


We had to make an exception with this line from Danemark …We just wanted to play with those mice so bad !!IMG_1657Claris book $17.99 , boy mice in box $29.50 , twin in match box $33 , big brotherand big sister mices in linen bags $29.50

IMG_1656Guardian angel and travel mice Mice in metal  suitcase $29.50 , book $17.99

IMG_2515 (Large)Super hero and Miss mice in suitcases $29.50

IMG_0030 (Large)

IMG_2820 (Large)Big sisters dancing mouse : front left Marie belle , Swan lake , Gisele $29.50 IMG_3169My first bunny for boy and girl $28.50 ,  linen bunny $33  IMG_1606Linen Elephant $33

Big brother and big sister mice in linen bag $29.50 . The princess and the pea in her castle box $59

IMG_0831 (Large)
super cute but no longer available 😦

60876619104__28CD9045-B69F-465F-9366-80356F0892D8 (Large)

Tooth fairy mice $33


IMG_1907 - Copy (Large)
Trolls comes hiding in peekaboo bag $50

Sigikid is a German Brand with funny stuffed animals that children of all ages will love!Back row Sloth $47, wolf , small fox and blue bear $37 , organic cotton bears and bunny $49.50 IMG_1545 (Large)A lion in Paris …our all time favorite children’s book

IMG_0035 (Large)

Our best selling Melamine dishes come in 3 designs : Ballerina , Ocean and Jungle $49.25 for the set 60755602348__83DAE7F2-AF12-4DCF-BD14-C6E798AF89FD

Our Sheep skin flat bears are the softest most amazing toy a kid will grow old with …over the past 18 years that we have been selling these , we sure have made some happy kids ! $58

Pour les enfants

Any little girl would look so cute in a linen dress ! We have those in size 6 months to 4 toddler


DSCN9575 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN9573 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN9574 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN9576 [1280x768].JPGTraditional Provencal print dresses come in 2years and 4 years only

DSCN9578 [1280x768].JPG

This must be the softest of all baby comforter from Kaloo .We have some fun colorful ones as well .With the cute box it makes a perfect baby shower gift !DSCN9593 [1280x768].JPG

DSCN9632 (Large).JPG

DSCN9633 (Large).JPG

DSCN9634 (Large).JPG

DSCN9635 (Large).JPG

DSCN9636 (Large).JPG