Summer scarves

The summer scarves from our favorite brand Inouitoosh have arrived from France last week !  Inouitoosh is known for their bold designs , beautiful materials and craftsmanship . They’ll give any summer white outfit a lift and keep you cozy on a cool foggy California evening .

IMG_2644 (Large)Fish in love orange 100% cotton  $109  (Sold out )

IMG_2641 (Large)Moby blue  100% cotton $ 149  (sold out )

Moby pale pink $149 IMG_2646 (Large)

IMG_2639 (Large)Thelma nude 100% cotton $135

IMG_2649 (Large)Hesperide Navy 100% cotton $115

IMG_2647(1) (Large)

La mer canvas bag with removable cross body strap $180

IMG_2793 (Large)

April pink square bandanas 100% cotton $55 ( on shelf Thelma bandana $55 and April hand folded clutch $75

IMG_2657 (Large)

April Scarf 80% Cotton and 20% Silk $150 . Silk gives this soft scarf a little more fluff and colors will look good anytime of the year .

IMG_2782 (Large)

April in teal blue $150

IMG_2785 (Large)

Pelican mustard 100% cotton $115 ( sold )

Canvas pouches  Palm $45 , Heart $49 , Embroidered abstract $52 . Canvas Tote Heart $149


French plaid ! Wool and beautifully finished $275 IMG_2636(1) (Large)

Handcrafted jewelry by French Designer

My friend Lisiane is from the south of France just like us , but we met here in San Diego over 20 years ago . She makes beautiful dainty jewelry , all handcrafted right here in SoCal …local with a French flair ! Each piece is unique but since you cannot come in right now , I will bring our selection out of the case for you to choose from the safety of your home . These make wonderful gifts , birthday , graduation , mom …

Lisiane uses gold-filled , a much better quality than gold platted allowing her to hammer the thread and shape it as she wishes . She also uses sterling silver , semi precious stones and  fresh water pearls . Necklaces unless specified are about 16″ long with an extension chain to adjust it to about  17″ .

Call or text me if you have any questions about a particular piece or to place an order : 619 518 0401   Marielle Giai

Lilipo Jewelry

We never plan it but we often twin with matching looks !

IMG_1602 (Large)

Gold filled necklaces with side details , from the left : Apatite $55 , Turquoise $62 , Single stone $50

IMG_1613 (Large)

Small hoops with dangling stones $50

IMG_1615 (Large)

Mix Matched Hoops $39  but if you really want matching , Lisiane can make you an other set so you can wear them paired or not !

IMG_1616 (Large)

Same idea with fresh water pearls on sterling silver $50

IMG_1592 (Large)

Gold filled Nuage Hoops with side pearl $50

IMG_1590 (Large)

Gold filled and fresh water pearls with tiny turquoise detail $50 , Hammered gold filled hoops with tiny turquoise detail $42

IMG_1623 (Large)Bracelets with adjustable length  from the left : Nuage Sterling silver ( sold ) , Paper clip Gold filled both $45 , Sterling and gold filled beads $50 , Heart ( sold ) and Nuage  ( sold ) both $45

IMG_1596 (Large)

Paperclip necklace $55 , Stormy cloud $59 , Lightning $55

IMG_1608 (Large)

Sterling silver necklaces Lightning  $55 , Paperclip $55

Earrings Sterling or Gold filled $39

IMG_1622 (Large)

Paperclip studs $39 ,paperclip drop $45

IMG_1594 (Large)

Tarnished sterling silver necklaces with gold filled accents :  Paperclip $62 , Heart shaped front clasp and sterling medal $150 , Lightning $55

IMG_2076 (Large)From the left : Heart earrings with 1 chain detail $42 , Pampilles hoops with pyrite detail $65 ( sold ) , single earring with ear cuff $ $35 , heart earrings $39 (sold ) IMG_1420 (Large)Pampilles earrings both styles $62 ( hoops size about 5/8″ diameter ) Sold IMG_1453 (Large)From the top : Heart necklace $55 , Lightning with tourmaline $59 ( sold ) Heart with rose pearls $59

Yin Yang earrings $42 ( except bottom right pink/green $49 ) , Not matchy but complementary . One of the most popular new style this season ! But if you are more classic and want matching , we can make this happen !IMG_1464 (Large)“Nuage ” Long necklace clasp in front ( length 21″ around neck + drop chain ) , cloud and crystal details $72  , Yin Yang earrings $42 (sold )

IMG_1439 (Large)

Small hoops with cross $35 ( sold ), Hoops with hearts $42 ( sold ) , Yin Yang hoops $42 (sold)

IMG_1432 (Large)Hammered “leaf” hoops $39 IMG_1461 (Large)“Nuage ” Long necklace clasp in front ( length 21″ around neck + drop chain ) , cloud and fresh water pearls details $72

Semi precious stones dangling earrings $45 , Hoops with pyrite $42 . Necklaces from the top : Tiny pyrites necklace $55 sold , Square pyrite necklace $55 , Black Tahitian pearl necklace $95

IMG_2073 (Large)

Small hoops with wired blue amethyst $49 (sold )

IMG_2081 (Large)

From top : Raw diamonds necklace $69 (sold ), Apatite necklace with side bead detail $55 , Topaz drop necklace with side details $62 ( sold )

IMG_1456 (Large)

Long ” Nuage” drop necklaces with cloud detail : Left Larimer stone $76  ( sold ) , Right sleeping beauty turquoises $72

IMG_1446 (Large)

Nuage with side bead detail $55 , Tiny turquoises necklace $55 ( sold ) Drop with turquoise cross side detail $59 ( sold )

IMG_1452 (Large)

Gold and silver intertwined hearts on tarnished silver necklace $59 , Gold chain with gold and silver hearts $59 ( sold ) Sterling chain and heart $55

Sterling small heart necklace $55, Sterling large heart necklace $68, top nuage/pearl hoops $42 , lightning /crystal hoops $42 , small cross /pearl hoops $35 . Sterling Nuage necklace $55 ,Sterling Nuage /pearl earrings $42

Woman Accesories

Here are some of our latest accessories . I will keep uploading photos on our site/blog so you can see what is in stock ! image11Light grey crisp Linen dress size M ( 6-8 ) $145  , Super light weight Cross body bag in washable paper Made in Tuscany $79 , hat natural or grey/light grey combination $38 Grey and silver scarf ( left ) $69 . Baskets are back and in fashionable colors ! Lined with fabric and a drawstring so you can close the top off . Small 2 tone $49 , Boat shape with tassels $85 , 2 tone boat shape $79IMG_1725image12Gingham Baskets  lined with fun plastic to hold wet towels, bathing suits, picnics or farmers market produce  $80IMG_1746IMG_1747Assorted matching stripped pouches  $12.50 /$14.50 /$16.50 . Light grey  Cross body washable paper bag$65  incredibly light Made in Tuscany , Woven basket with leather handles from Ghana $129 Cotton scarves details further down.  IMG_1748Cross body paper bag can also be worn as a fanny Pack $65 washable and super light.IMG_4248 (Large)More colorsimage17IMG_1750One of  a kind ultra soft modal scarves from Valerie $69 ( Sold )IMG_1963 (Large)Shimmering powdered pink $69IMG_1967 (Large)IMG_1965 (Large)Indigo Handloom : A brand of textile with integrity . 100% hand woven , Made with love and respect for those who wear it as well as for those who wove it IMG_1969 (Large)Soft pink 50% silk/ 50% cotton  $109IMG_1971 (Large)Same scarf in blue 60% cotton / 40% silk  $109 ( sold )IMG_1972 (Large)Blue and Pewter 90% cotton /10 silver Zari   $72.50IMG_1973 (Large)50% silk /50% organic cotton  $85IMG_1974 (Large)This intricate plaid design is made of 100% soft organic cotton . Comes also in black $65   ( sold )IMG_1975 (Large)Very intricate weave 100% light weight cotton $85IMG_1976 (Large)100% organic light weight cotton $109  IMG_1979 (Large)100% Organic cotton blue stripes with red border detail $59 ( sold )IMG_1980 (Large)100% organic cotton $87.50( sold )

Inouitoosh canvas Bag $149IMG_0655100% super soft and light weight wool scarf from Inouitoosh . This design comes in citrine yellow/charcoal and olive green/navy $215IMG_0710 (Large)IMG_0711 (Large)IMG_0712Roses Inouitoosh scarf 100% soft light weight wool $210IMG_0715IMG_0714100% silk extra large square 55×55″ scarf from Inouitoosh $255IMG_0716Ombre scarf very light weight sheer wool that feel like cashmere $79

Graf lanz bag $290 . Light weight felt wool, leather handles , beautiful details and craftsmanship , Made in LA  , waterproof , does not pill…my favorite bags and why I made an exception to the French made !

IMG_2751Crossbody bag $198  , Large boat bag ( my favorite ) $220 ( chestnut w/brown straps or charcoal with black straps ) Eyeglass sleeve $28IMG_0029 (Large)

Comment avoir la classe ?

How to be classy yet comfortable and casual ?? It is all in the accessories !

Clients kept asking me where I got my shirt, scarf , earrings …so I decided to carry what I love in the shop . San Diego is not Paris or New York ; we are way more lay back here … I like to be casual and need to be comfortable at work but I won’t sacrifice style  ! As Mother’s Day is fast approaching , here are a few ideas in case you thought Maison en Provence was just a Home and Garden Boutique !

Beautiful light weight cotton voile shirt with puffy sleeves , lace detail …wear it belted or not on those warm summer days !

This is the best cross body bag I ever got . Made in Tuscany out of washable paper , it is weightless , practical , spacious and yes classy ! You can be a tourist and not look like one on your next summer trip …These bags get softer and wear like a good pair of jeans as you use it . Come in 3 shapes and 8 colors that will go with everything in your wardrobe ! And if you dare ….wear it around the waste to belt a shirt or dress because YES the fanny pack is making a come back !

IMG_4247 (Large)

We also received a new shipment of clutches from Japan . I selected some lighter color Obis for the season . These will be perfect for summer parties, weddings…or just for a ladies night out to dress up a white pair of jeans or linen pants !

IMG_4516 (Large)

Our best selling line of scarves also came in from France this week …Inouii unique designs and quality are outstanding . Each season bring a whole new load of bold prints that will look as beautiful as a scarf , wrap , sarong or throw . (Light weight super soft cotton , cotton/linen blend , cotton/silk )

IMG_4536 (Large)

IMG_4538 (Large)

IMG_4540 (Large)

IMG_4541 (Large)

IMG_4545 (Large)

The new nighties are so cute they could be worn as a summer dress ! It has just a slight flare to be comfy , nice stitching details ,same ultra soft Indian Cotton voile as all our kimono robes . Come in 2 colors and 3 sizes .

IMG_3161 (Large)

Lots of jewelry came in as well ….the best is always from my friend Lisiane , a French local like me who design beautiful feminine dainty necklaces and earrings .

La Saint Valentin

Yes it is the hottest trend right now ….and we, the French invented it ! 2018 will be the year of the Beret and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day !  

IMG_8748 - Copy (Large).JPG

Ad a little pin and they will take you from 
well put together to “très chic ”  !

IMG_8736 (Large).JPG

Our wool berets come in a rainbow of colors  for men and women and fit everybody !IMG_8738 (Large).JPG

All you need is a  scarf and a beret  

IMG_8739 (Large).JPG

The runway look: fresh , young , unconventional and so cute !image.jpg

IMG_9121 (Large).JPG

I bought my bag on our last trip to Paris last summer and wanted to sell them in our shop ever since ….share this great find with my clients who I know would love it as much as I do !

These beautiful hand crafted jute bags is the outcome of the design collaboration with Skillful traditional handicraft workers in Bangladesh   This project aims to empower local women and through the income improve their access to health and education

These bags are skillfully woven , light , flexible and durable .


IMG_9143 (Large).JPGMade in house by Alice …One of a kind for that special one !IMG_8744 (Large).JPG

 Je t’aime , un peu , beaucoup , passionement , a la folie !

IMG_9128 (Large).JPG

Jewelry from my friend French Designer Lisiane is alaway a great idea !

IMG_9112 (Large).JPG

IMG_9089 (Large).JPG

IMG_9131 (Large).JPG

Home made cotton paper, vintage letter press , soy ink …our favorites Always !

IMG_9139 (Large).JPG

Cut out paper cards or vintage …one for all your loved ones !

IMG_9115 (Large).JPG

IMG_9121 (Large).JPG

Parisian Designer Tsuri Gueta’s jewelry is bold and so unique you have to touch it to feel the silicon infused mesh fabric they are made with !

IMG_9091 (Large).JPG

IMG_9104 (Large).JPG

Despite their look , these are NOT paint tubes but ultra rich hand creams blended with organic 20% Shea butter, Vitamin E and Argan oil  that absorb quickly for immediate hydration and repair .  A modern new look for these purse size creams .

Made in France without parabens, BHT and none of the other bad stuff !

IMG_9114 (Large).JPG


Summer bags

Its been 5 years since we could find and import these all time best sellers …We found some baskets , but nothing as perfect : Hand woven in classic or fun colors for the summer , with leather corners and handles. They all come with a lining that closes and in 3 sizes : purse, everyday tote or week end/beach basket .

IMG_2176 - Copy (Large).JPG

IMG_2189 (Large).JPG

IMG_2179 - Copy (Large).JPG

IMG_2183 - Copy (Large).JPG

IMG_2187 - Copy (Large).JPG

All stripes ahead ! We just got a new shipment from Marseille and have restocked of our favorite shirts in all sizes ( even XS )
Get ready for Independence Day , Bastille Day and any other Day DSCN2159 (Large).JPG

DSCN2074 (Medium).JPG

Grand Prix de la Creation


Tzuri Gueta is a designer and textile engineer who has been based in Paris since 1996.
By combining silicone with openwork textile materials, Gueta invented a technique of blowing silicone into lace. The technique was patented in 2005. The countless facets of this combination of materials afforded him an unexpected field for exploration that began with textile design and led him to jewelry, design objects and art.
His first collaboration with an Haute Couture house was with Thierry Mugler and also lately with the Chanel fashion house . He was awarded by the City of Paris ” Grand Prix de la Création “.

Now we are very proud to bring his creations to you here in San Diego !

DSCN2007 (Large).JPG

DSCN2001 (Large).JPG


DSCN2010 (Large).JPG

DSCN2016 (Large).JPG

DSCN2009 (Large).JPG

DSCN2018 (Large).JPG

DSCN1999 (Large).JPG