Our last day …

Sometimes that summer of 2019 , we decided to take the journey back to Provence . We had called San Diego home for the past 25 years but it was time now to go back HOME . Our decision had nothing to do with Covid. Thanks to all the support, we did more than just weather this pandemic through , we did very well and the shop have never done better !

Since we made that news public at the end of July, we received an incredible amount of kind messages and so much love , it really touched us. We had put all our heart and soul into our ” little French shop” and realized just then how deeply it had impacted people and so many of you ! This has been an amazing adventure …not without some tough times but we always made it thru with dedication , hard work and the support from all our loyal customers , become friends , become family . We will miss all of you very much and have fond memories of all the stories we shared . We are forever grateful for this incredible experience, for all that we learned , the people we met , the lifelong friendships we made and everything we accomplished . We’ll never be the same and now can move back to France with a whole new set of eyes and a new appreciation for what we had left . We lived our California dream and now are living the American dream of retiring to Provence. How lucky are we !!!

Saturday September 25th 2021 , we closed the page of a fantastic book. We tried to keep the shop alive but in the end we could not work out the sale of our business and have closed it down now .

Nevertheless, we will still be posting from Provence on this blog , so please enter your email address and follow us ! ( on a phone or tablet : go to “about us” on the menu and scroll down to find the white box and follow button OR on a computer it shows on the right )

In January 2022, we’ll move back to the house where I grew up. The village has now double in size to reach 2400 people !! It will be a big change but we are looking forward to the slower pace of life of a small country town outside of Avignon.

We are going Home but San Diego will always be our home away from home !

Marielle & Pascal Giai

December 1995 …we were renting the old Mission Hills Pet Store
September 25th 2021

9 thoughts on “Our last day …

  1. Sad for us, but I am very excited for you. The Avignon area is so beautiful. I am hoping to be able to wish you well in person, but if not, I am wishing you safe travels and a wonderful life back home!


  2. Bon voyage!!! Happy trails to you,🎶 until we meet again.🎶

    On Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 8:34 PM Maison En Provence San Diego wrote:

    > Maison En Provence San Diego posted: ” Sometimes that summer of 2019 , we > decided to take the journey back to Provence . We had called San Diego home > for the past 25 years but it was time now to go back HOME . Since we made > that news public a couple of months ago, we received an incredibl” >


  3. I was hoping you would be there until the end of September, as I have been in New York for a while, returning on the 27th. I wanted to say good bye and wish you both the best of everything on your next adventure back in France.
    Sorry to have missed your last day.
    Be well, healthy and safe!!
    Deborah Shubert


  4. I am so happy that I stopped in last weekend, not knowing how close it was to the end . . . .sigh. I have loved your little shop, and will miss it, but am so excited for your next adventure in life! Stay healthy and be happy!


  5. Au Revoir Marielle and Pascal,

    You have blessed San Diego with your beautiful contribution through the years. I have loved visiting your shop, chatting about French culture and life in Provence, and delighting in the pleasure of all the things you brought here. It’s been such a pleasure to be able to adorn my home with the lovely things from Provence that I have purchased, and now they will be even more special as they bring back the joy of visiting your shop.

    I will miss being able to visit your shop, I always felt that I had stepped into Avignon when I walked in. So I guess I will need to travel a little further now to get that experience.

    Please enjoy your life back home and if you have the time to continue to share ideas about French design, family life and recipes, that would be wonderful.

    Je vous souhaite un bon voyage,

    Susan Duboc

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  6. I am wishing you both all of the best in Provence and in all your future days. As we say bon chance to both of you, it makes me think of all of the ways in which I was enriched by both of you.

    From Wicked sung by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, “For Good” by Stephen Schwartz

    …”Like a ship blown from its mooring
    By a wind off the sea
    Like a seed dropped by a skybird
    In a distant wood
    Who can say, if I’ve been changed for the better? But
    Because I knew you
    Because I knew you
    I have been changed for good…

    Warmest personal regards,

    Elizabeth Butterfield


  7. Sad to see you leave! But happy for both of you to start
    a new chapter in your life! Good Luck and please keep us
    updated on your journey!

    Sending hugs and kisses!

    Jody Gabara


  8. Loved the photos of the move and the old photos of your French village. I know you will do great things with the remodel of your family home. Can’t wait to hear your adventures! Happy New Year to you & Pacsal 🎉 🥳


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