A potter in Provence

Michel Mathieu is a potter friend in Pascal’s home town of Tulette in Provence. Of course everybody knows everybody in such small village and Michel is no exception . We use to import his creations for our shop when we were shipping a container . His famous cats grace the garden of some special clients in the neighborhood !

This summer and until September 15th , Michel is having an exhibition : Terres du Rhone in reference to the type of earthy clay from the Rhone Valley that he uses . If you are a cat lover …this is a must ! But his most recent “Demoiselles” are also pretty stunning .  Let us take you for a stroll into Michel’s world …

IMG_2470 (Large)IMG_2485 (Large)IMG_2490 (Large)Pascal and Michel IMG_2495 (Large)IMG_2463 (Large)IMG_2478 (Large)

IMG_2483 (Large)

IMG_2484 (Large)IMG_2482 (Large)IMG_2496 (Large)IMG_2498 (Large)