Here is the Inoui scarves Fall/Winter selection ! Super soft non itchy wool that drapes and travel without wrinkling ; warm and light weight at the same time . Any of those will brighten your winter wardrobe !

 Please email ( or text your choices at 619 518 0401 ) We have narrow down the options to the very best patterns this season so we could have more of each and be able to accommodate most orders .

We will do PRE ORDER and Prepaid only with delivery in October . We can ship the scarves when they arrive or meet at my friend’s coffee shop in Mission Hills …an excuse to see each !

I’ve already made my pick , let me know what’s yours !

Inoui is known for their bold designs , beautiful materials and craftsmanship . Their creativity is beyond amazing and each collection is one to treasure ….Collect, frame, give away and certainly enjoy wearing them !

Soft price and smaller scale for this classic 100% wool scarf : Jouy burgundy $135 ( sold out )

Queen of heart $145 ( sold out )

New washable wool : Isabeau blue $170 ( sold out )

Fortune Cat Emerald

Wool and silk (8%) for added softness and sheen $170 ( sold out )

Barocco : a great scarf to wear with blacks : Saffron ( sold out )

Barroco Sage $188 ( sold out )

Roosters Saffron $195 ( sold out )

In my opinion THE scarf of the season. I got one in similar colors in very light wool a few seasons ago and it has been one of my favorite to spice up my denims : Volcan orange $210 ( sold out )

This is how I wear mine . These are great size , very versatile and never bulky !

Also comes in pink : Volcan Rose $210 ( sold out )

Reve bleu $230 ( sold out )

Robert the Rhino has been a best seller previously and it is coming back this season which is great news for those like me who missed it ! Unisex so you can share it with your sweet heart …occasionally !

Robert Black ( sold out )

Robert Indigo $230 (sold out )

I’ve picked mine …If you made your choice too , order soon …they always sell fast !

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