Love is all you need !

Valentine’s Day is by far our favorite Holiday ! A time to celebrate love and loved ones .

This year more than ever we should tell the ones we love how much they mean to us , how much we think about them despite not always being able to be with them…It’s been a long haul already so let’s show some LOVE !

Cards range from $5.50 to $7.95 , Little baskets $22 , Buckets with pompom, paper or plastic hand made flowers $18.95
Heart made of wine corks can be hung or lean against a wall $75 Hand made by Alice

Assorted gold foil and embossed cards are hand made by Yvonne $7.95

Soft cotton towels silk screened with natural dyes $22.50 , Mask $25 . French made with love in San Diego by our friend Valentine

Shea butter soap packaged like a fancy cake $11, Linen Heart sachets $22.50 , Hand creams $8.50

Lilipo Jewelry : Necklaces : Silver/Gold rings $ 59 ,Wire heart $50 , Briolettes necklace $89, Heart Necklaces $59 Bracelets $39-$49 range

Star necklaces :single $55 , 3 stars $59
Cards by Alice $5.50

One of a kind booklet card $25

Small basket $22 Card $5.50

Heart Soaps : Lavender , Camellia or Rose 7oz $12.50 , Soap dishes $13 , Ode Olive oil rose balm $22

Style book by iconic Ines de la Fressange ….her style and addresses in Paris

Rifle Card $5.50, “The sweet scent of Love ” candle by Bougie la Francaise $25

Baskets are always a great idea ! Here are a few that just came in . More classic in stock as well

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