Garnier Thiebaut Damask Linen Trunk Show Sale

This year is not like any other year and we cannot hold this event as we use to but we still wanted to share the beautiful new Fall/Winter Collection and give you this unique opportunity to choose anything that will make your home more special and inviting !

October 16th through 24th

By appointment only to maintain social distancing

Call or text to set an appointment at 619 518 0401

Palazzina Nocturne

Order any tablecloth, placemats, runner and enjoy 20% your entire purchase plus a free kitchen towel ! Your order comes in 2-3 weeks .

Linen tablecloth Giardino

We’ll have all the samples so you can see the actual colors , feel the material and choose from the entire collection : any pattern , any size , any color…. Large sizes available !!

Bring a plate, chair fabric you want to match and we’ll help you find the perfect tablecloth !

Mille Tutti Frutti

Patterns without a set border going around can be made in custom sizes , any length and width for a 10% up charge .

For nearly two hundred years, Garnier Thiebaut has been creating exquisite linens for the home. But it is Green Sweet, their recent innovation in fabric technology which makes linens stain resistant that is most exciting to the busy, modern family. It does not affect the look and feel of linens, so textiles stay equally soft and breathable. Liquids will puddle on the surface, so you can simply wipe them off. Each fiber is coated in the stain-resistant treatment before it is woven into fabric to ensure the entire cloth is fully saturated. They can be washed the same way as regular linens, but you won’t need to launder them as often since they will remain clean for longer. The heat of the iron reactivates the Green Sweet treatment, so it is good for Green Sweet linens to be ironed.

Think about the Holidays coming …

Runners, placemats, napkins are 20% off as well !

I have spread the event over a full week to keep it safe for all of us and will set up outside only taking a client at a time so please make your appointment by calling or texting me at 619 518 0401 . Tell your friends too . A bientot ! Marielle Giai

One thought on “Garnier Thiebaut Damask Linen Trunk Show Sale

  1. I love my orange and gold tablecloth and 16 napkins for our Thanksgiving gathering. It is our most treasured tablecloth.


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