Warm , cozy, sparkly !

IMG_3295(1) (Large)New linen runners from Garnier Thiebaut $72.80

Now that days are cooler …it’s time to bake something that makes the whole house smell good ! The updated Tartine book has again fabulous recipes for fall , Holidays or just because i really want to try out that matcha crème brûlée tart !

Green Jug $89 Cast iron Rooster door stoppers $18
Melamine appetizer plates $35 , Paper plates $6.50 and $9

Alice’s cards made from our dried hydrangeas !

Lots and lots of new kitchen towels $27 , coated aprons $74 from Garnier Thiebaut

Eating at home these days …stock up on tappers candles in rich colors for the season ! These dinner candles do not drip or smoke and last about 10 hours each ( set of 4 colored through $16 )

IMG_3146(Edited) (Large)

Pure essential oils ( $22 .50 ) Room spray ($15 ) Candles ( tin $27.50 , glass $37.50 ) in 3 clean scents : Cypress/lavender , Vetiver/sage , Amber/bergamot

With fall comes dry weather . Ode scrubs are loaded with essential oils that will leave your skin soft and hydrated . I love it on my feet to keep the hills smooth . Mix some body oil with body lotion to get the perfect hydration depending on the weather ! Lavender , citrus oro or bohemian rose.

Ask us about their facial line …It is fantastic and perfect for sensitive skin like me !

Some Scarves from France and more are on the way , check out the women accessories tab .

Super soft , light weight 1oo% wool that does not wrinkle either . One of the strongest design this season : Germain citrine $210

One of their rare geometric design : Aberdeen Plum $210

Odysee Plum $135

Alienor Navy $149

Ex Libris Fall $200

New line of stationary from France image8 (Large)

Need a small gift ? Our favorite scented wax botanical sachets are really unique .

Baskets in colors for the season

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