Cherry season means Cherry Clafoutis !

They are as many clafoutis recipe as people living in France …everybody has one … me included . You may even have one as this French classic has crossed borders !

I combined a few recipes , made a bunch of trial clafoutis and this is the final version that I always do now !

IMG_2666 (Large)

IMG_2669 (Large)

Basically a clafoutis can be a crepe batter poured over cherries ; a blend of eggs, flour and milk . Like crepe batters there are many recipes more or less rich . The richest the ingredients , the smoother and tastier . Try to switch the milk for a mix of milk and whipping cream and you will have even more delicious crepes . You can also ad an extra egg , a bit of melted butter …it only gets better I can tell you that!

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I like to mix grounded almond meal and flour to give it an extra flavor that mixes very well with the cherries . Beside the cherries , you probably have everything in your pantry at all times except for the vanilla sugar which I always bring back from France when I go.  Scrape the beans of a vanilla pod into some sugar and let it work its magic for a few days and it will be just as good .

IMG_2660 (Large)

Combine the following ingredients :

8 Tbs of grounded almond flour + 6 Tbs of sugar + 5 Tbs of flour + 1 tsp baking powder + 3 Tbs melted butter + 2 eggs + 200 ml of whipping cream  ( 1Tbs of dark rum )

You can replace the flour by gluten free flour in the same proportions and ad 3 Tbs of tapioca starch if you want a gluten free version . We have started selling whole purpose flour imported from France . It is not gluten free but French flour does not give me the stomach ache that any American wheat products do .  I found that my gluten sensitivity is always gone when I am in France …and it is the same when I use French imported flour or eat cookies from France 🙂 61490747978__D8B53F2F-A5B0-4BFA-8CBA-F4149EA541C2 (Large)Butter a shallow mold and pour the batter over pitted cherries , the more the better ! Some people say that un-pitted cherries taste better but it is scary to risk braking a tooth over dessert so I pit mine .

IMG_2661 (Large)    Sprinkle a few toasted sliced almond on top and bake at 350F for 30 to 40 mns or until golden brown and a knife blade comes out clean when picked at the center .

This version of clafoutis does not have the rubbery texture that some have . It is light , flavorful and even more delicious a bit warm served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of crunchy brown sugar  . Do not refrigerate and eat quickly !

IMG_2670 (Large)



2 thoughts on “Cherry season means Cherry Clafoutis !

  1. Will try your version, which looks terrific. Thank you.
    Just need to buy more cherries, as I keep eating them.


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